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In her second book related to World War II, the novel author Gisela Zebroski writes again about how good and evil strike a balance. From scenes behind German lines, to the war’s blackening aftermath, to the bright streets of Hollywood, the novel traces real-life experiences of the German refugees who eventually landed in America. The story  tells of how it came about and the adjustments that had to be made. The power of love and passion and human ingenuity when pinned against the wall shines through every page. Survivors don’t give up because winners can’t lose.

Olga von Schenck, a spiritual medium and pianist, has been evacuated from Latvia to German-occupied Poland. She is accustomed to make do for her selfish husband’s sake. During WWII he becomes a Prisoner of War in the United States. … read more >>

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The Barones
Name: The Baroness
Created Date: July 1998
Topics: War Passion
Author: Gisela Zebroski
Time period: 1914-1925


The “Baroness”

In her first book, a true-life-drama related to the glamour of Old Russia until World War I and the subsequent Bolshevik Revolution, the novel author Gisela Zebroski writes about how good and evil strike a balance as it was discovered in her own family history. At the New Year’s ball of 1914, Baroness Elisa von Hohemheim watches with her guests as a fortuneteller reads the future from a glass of water and molten lead. For this married mother of five the twisted lead speaks of flames, a vision of fire and destruction. But nobody, not even the fortuneteller, can imagine what will take place within the next three years: the Russian Empire will collapse, the Tsar will be executed and Lenin will declare death to the aristocracy.… read more >>