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Who is Gisela Zebroski?

June 14th, 2011 // 2 Comments

Gisela Zebroski War time passion baby

Gisela Zebroski as baby

This is the blog of Gisela Zebroski, author of The Baroness and the newly released Mephisto Waltz.

She was born in Latvia where Gisela spent her childhood. At the outbreak of WW II the family was resettled to Poland. In 1945, escaping the Soviets, her mother and four siblings fled to Austria. Her father was killed. In 1946 they moved to Germany. A refugee she learned survival skills uintil she emigrated to California. Her novels reflect those years and her German-Baltic background.

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Blog for Authors

June 12th, 2011 // No Comments

In this section Gisela Zebroski is giving her personal reflections of what it takes to write a book from conception to seeing it in print. And then comes the real work and agony – selling the final product, the book. You can vote about the topics you want to hear most or suggest what you would like to know. What is your problem? Getting started? keeping up the tension throughout the book? or  coming up with a satisfying end?


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