Who is Gisela Zebroski?

June 14th, 2011 // 2 Comments

Gisela Zebroski War time passion baby

Gisela Zebroski as baby

This is the blog of Gisela Zebroski, author of The Baroness and the newly released Mephisto Waltz.

She was born in Latvia where Gisela spent her childhood. At the outbreak of WW II the family was resettled to Poland. In 1945, escaping the Soviets, her mother and four siblings fled to Austria. Her father was killed. In 1946 they moved to Germany. A refugee she learned survival skills uintil she emigrated to California. Her novels reflect those years and her German-Baltic background.

Gisela Zebroski  War time passion Child
Gisela Zebroski as child

After shedding a flood of tears, Gisela took charge of her life and helped out to keep the family alive. Inspired by her mother’s dream she plotted to emigrate to America. After several years of working for the International Refugee Organization and the American Occupation Forces she met a German suitor who had a visa and offered marriage. She grabbed the opportunity, married him and took off for the New World.

A refugee, she immigrated to the U.S. in 1954 haunted by the story of her people — Baltic Germans who gave up their world to escape the Soviet terror.  America offered safety, a new homeland and the freedom to pursue her writing.

Gisela Zebroski  War time passion ship USA

Gisela Zebroski on her way to the USA

They settled in Los Angeles and discovered their new homeland, the rugged wilderness and sophisticated city. Slowly she moved up the social ladder and eventually landed in a position of comfort and respect. The refugee and immigrant is gone. She now lives in a lovely place as a hilltop liberal.

The question whether war is evil or just madness
spawned two novels. THE BARONESS deals with WW I while MEPHISTO WALTZ concentrates on WW II.
What do you remember of those wars?


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  2. Walter Weber says:

    As a jung man in, I believe, 1962 (or 1961) I hitch-hiked from Zurich to Berlin. No fence or wall between East and West Berlin. About 3 month after our return the first barb wire fence was erected. It was very interesting to see the difference between East and West, especially at night. One side colorful illuminated and the other dark with very few street lights. I have not been back there since.
    Your talk today (6/15/16) to the SIR group was very good and reminded me of my trip there. Thank you for the presentation.

    Walter Weber

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