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Got distracted again after a zesty beginning. No point in working on the computer when I don’t really know how to handle it. Off to classes and wouldn’t you know it? I made instant progress that should save me loads of time. Now I can get back to my favorite occupation.

1959 was a truly eventful time for me. Not only because I met Alain who played a significant role throughout my life, even after our divorce. Or especially then, we became intimate friends who had forgiven each other so that we could now share our lives without bouts of jealousy and resentments. Our relationship matured into a love based on friendship and emotional support rather than romance and sex. With that out of the way we could interact as loving people rather than a loving couple. We both married others and fulfilled those duties while we entertained a deep bond devoid of all unpleasantness and obligations. Pure love seems to be like that. Better yet, it is not singular but can touch others as well. It’s not confining and consequently not only beneficial but like a rainbow that doesn’t fade away but arch over our lives in all its splendor. Whenever we see each other it’s as if we had never parted, yet we can talk freely about our spouses and he about his children and now grandchildren that fulfill his life. The children I had hoped for and one of the reasons I divorced Alain, never materialized. Instead I found my calling in creating novels where little girls play a major part. They could be my daughters.

And now back to 1959 and our life in Pasadena. The book.

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