New Editions

October 22nd, 2012 // No Comments

The Baroness and Mephisto Waltz have been edited and tightened to keep the reader spellbound from the first to the last page. A third book in the series is in progress.

In The Baroness and Mephisto Waltz I covered WWI and WWII. For families like ours they represented a second round of horror that finally ran its course. By emigrating to America my mother got her family away from feuding Europe not knowing that the continent would finally resolve its differences peacefully by creating the European Union. The fall of the Soviet Union liberated us from the Russian threat. In general the world learned its lessons and the internet keeps everybody posted and alert.

We now live in California, far away from ethnic strife. Though the US is still involved in Mid Eastern conflicts, we will not experience the bloodshed firsthand.

Writing those books not only allowed me to live the fate my family had to endure, it gave me a closure over my past so that I can now freely identify with my new and already old homecountry. I get annoyed when people ask me where I come from originally because that is irrelevant now.

My memoir, The Merry Widow, describes what it took to   find paradise on earth. Writing it I am amazed at all the good luck I had and the inner growth that took me to maturity. In retrospect I discover the many incidents that contributed to the beautiful life I am living as a knowing woman of independent means, the dream so many pursue and some accomplish.

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