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Gisela Zebroski has already established a fan club of history buffs. She represents a different view of World War I and II. Not everybody involved could sit back and pat himself on the back over a job well done and a victory deserved. Millions of displaced persons reveal their stories, some of which are part of her family related novels MEPHISTO WALTZ and THE BARONESS. Broken lives and dismembered families worked toward a reunion and a new start. Many succeeded in miraculous ways. The story tells of how it came about and the adjustments that had to be made. With painstaking details she describes historical events that uproot the people falling in their path. From battle scenes to life behind the lines it’s the human experience that brings the books to life.

Her action-packed novels are peppered with women who plough through the restraints of their traditional roles and save their family through the turbulence, buoyed by their passion.

Readers and book lovers of her books can show up. Those who’d read the books can ask questions and are rewarded with novel answers. You can hear her give a short talk and  get your very own signed copy of  THE BARONESS and/or MEPHISTO WALTZ.

You can also book Gisela Zebroski for an individual reading in your local book-club, store or event. Her lively, first-hand anecdotes delight and fascinate her audiences.

The next time, where you can meet her on one of her fabulous passionate readings will be  announced.



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