“World War II told from a perspective I’ve seen nowhere else. Compelling characters born from the author’s memory and from her family’s stories – kept secret until now.“
Tucker S. Capps, Writer & Director

“If you are interested in Russian and Baltic history in the early part of the last century, this novel is the book for you…“
Robert A. Garfinkel, WRITERS TALK

“— The history and informatin is seamlessly integrated with the romantic plot, which both relies on and reinforces the historical context of the novel.“

“Mephisto Waltz is  a fascinating novel with a different slant toward WW II. The German/Russian front, destruction of the Reich and recovery from the ruins keeps the reader turning pages. Music and the power of love ease the tension and remind us what life is really all about – even under the worst of circumstances.”
Dr. Richard Henning, Dean at Foothill College,
Head of speaker series “Celebrity Forum”Cupertino, CA

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